Serge DeNimes

The Monarchy Collection

Modelled by Actor & Musician Rafferty Law, inspired by British Monarchs & Royal Heritage.

Serge Meets

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Serge Meets Wonsik

Serge Meets Wonsik! His last meal would be Mcdonald's which we're sure you can all agree with. Wonsik's life passion is simply spreading love so why not read his full interview to find out more.

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Serge Meets Christopher

Serge Meets Christopher! He’s a poet, musician and a model. He plans on visiting Barcelona, Malta or Amsterdam very soon so if you have any tips hit him up. Best of all his party trick is a Dolphin noise, how beaut! 

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Serge Meets Vitor

Serge Meets Vitor! He's a Brazilian model who is loving the London party scene. His dream brand to work with is Louis Vuitton and for any of you planning on visiting Brazil anytime soon he has given you his top recommendations. 

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Serge Meets Regan

Serge Meets Regan! He is the king of clean outfits that will get your heads turning - Regan recently went to New York and if any of you are planning on visiting anytime soon then he has some recommendations for you to check out to make your time that little bit more special.