Serge DeNimes


Serge DeNimes have teamed up with Movement Artist Dominant Namek (@dominantwipez) to showcase the latest collection of jewellery & apparel.

Serge Meets

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Serge Meets Thiago

Serge Meets Thiago Perri! This tatted Brazilian model loves the sunshine living in Brazil during its summer months as well as Europe! It's taken 7 long years to get all of his incredible tattoo's but it was definitely worth it! 

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Serge Meets Warren

Meet Warren! The guy who loves exploring China Town in the evenings and is aiming big not only in the modelling industry but also acting and cooking. He claims you can't beat a lasagne but what's your favourite dinner?

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Serge Meets Felix

Meet Felix! He loves a city break and dreams to visit Tokoyo. A pleated pair of trousers follow him everywhere he goes and work perfectly alongside his classic style. He aims to achieve big in the modelling industry before venturing into styling.

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Serge Meets Navraj

Meet Navraj! The model with a massive interest in fashion, sports and his mum's homemade butter chicken. His long hair makes him standout from the crowd and is it just us or does he look amazing in neon?