Serge DeNimes

The Zodiac Collection

The inspiration came from Constellations, using astrology mappings and coordinates to inspire unique, original designs.

Serge Meets

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Serge Meets Scott

Serge Meets Scott! Find out what he has been up to since the last time we shot together. If he could have one superpower it would be the ability to miss traffic... The biggest mood ever. Read his full interview to find out more!

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Serge Meets Lamaar

Serge Meets Lamaar! He likes to go with the flow and believes God has a plan for him. Listening to music is how he chills out and also how he found his life's passion in dance.

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Serge Meets Rex

Serge Meets Rex! He thinks that you simply can't beat a pair of Dr Martens and may be the first person you have heard of that is allergic to chicken. Find out more in his most recent feature.

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Serge Meets Caviar

Serge Meets Caviar Gabe. He is a model and musician aiming to make a great impact on this world with his positive energy!