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Serge Meets Scott

With over twenty-nine thousand Instagram followers, Scott Donovan is making waves in the street-wear scene. Having teamed up the likes of JD, Naked Wolfe and Night Addict, the menswear influencer is most notably known for his clean silhouettes and killer garms.  With a secret BMX talent and plans to develop a brand for himself, Scott Donovan (and his Prada coat) are not ones to be messed with.

Describe yourself in three words?

Humble, passionate and reserved

Favourite piece from the Serge collection?

I would say coil ring because it’s an everyday piece that goes with any outfit!

Having worked with the likes of Statement Collective and Barrow, who is your dream brand to work with?

Hard one as there’s so many but definitely Prada would be a dream.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully, I’ve developed my own clothing/accessory brand.  Stay tuned!

You’re killing the jewellery game, but what does it mean to you? 

It’s a major part of every outfit I wear and I don’t feel complete without my rings or chains. It’s important!

Like so many of us, our jewellery craving started somewhere. Whether it was a Casio watch passed down from generation to generation or a silver-plated Serge What was your first piece of jewellery? 

I think my first piece was a small Jesus piece necklace. Then the addiction started from there!

Getting anywhere between five hundred and one thousand likes it’s clear Scott knows what he’s doing. But how do you get the perfect fit pic for Instagram? It’s about trial and error. The background needs to work with my feed/fit and also the angle is important too!

When you’re not killing the Instagram game, how do you relax?

I usually stick a film on and eat snacks with the girl aha

If you had to choose one thing what would your last meal be?

Anything BBQ flavoured!

One item of clothing you couldn’t live without? 

My nylon Prada coat! Don’t see myself ever selling that.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I used to be pretty nifty on a BMX but prob not so much now!

Ultimate grail?

Again probably my Prada nylon jacket!

What is your favourite tattoo you have got?

My stomach piece! Big skull and snake

What is your current lock screen?

Off white “Wallpaper” 



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