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How were you scouted for modelling?

I was walking through London bridge station, just went through the barrier then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I thought he was wanting to squeeze through the barrier with me, but turned out to be John from PRM, he gives me his card and said please get in contact, then the rest is history I guess.

What is your favourite country to go on holiday?

Anywhere I can get away from the big cities. I love nature, so as remote as I can get to be honest. Most recently we went horse trekking through the Italian mountains which were incredible.

Favourite place in London?

Hampstead heath because of the swimming ponds and all the greenery

Dream brand to collaborate with?

Gucci, I think all their recent collection have been so spicy.

Who is your favourite designer?

Alexander Mcqueen, he always had the craziest designs.

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

While I’m not modelling I am pursuing my ambitions to be a cinematographer, so I do a lot of on-set lighting work then I try to shoot something once every two months.

Tell us something you’ve never told in an interview before…

I love peanut butter

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