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Serge meets Riccardo Lara

When and how did you first become interested in BMXing?

At a very young age, I was always playing on anything with wheels. Growing up around skate parks definitely influenced and inspired me to ride BMX. At the age of 16, it became more serious travelling across the UK and Europe to ride various spots.

Whereabouts do you ride?

Anywhere and everywhere, London is filled with street spots, which are my favourite. Skate parks are on the increase, in the past 5 years they have popped up all over the place, a great training ground. Many summers were spent practising in places such as South Bank and Cantelowes.

Why do you enjoy biking?

The beautiful thing about BMX is the freedom to create your own style and ride anything. You make friends for life and the scene is a cool place to hang.

Signature trick?

Footjam Tailwhip

You always listen to music when riding, what’s your go-to song to get you going?

Headphones are always in, the genre varies dramatically but dancehall and dubstep do it for me! Choosing one song impossible but I will mention one artist Vybz Kartel!

How would you describe your style?

Like a machine! I will see something and get the trick done, not always the smoothest.

What do you wear when riding?

Flat cap, a cool long tee and well-fitted jeans.

Favourite Serge item?

White Block t-shirt. Great design and amazing fit!


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