Serge meets Reece King

How did you get into modelling? 

It all happened very quickly, I posted a picture on Instagram wearing a septum ring from LAMODA and they reposted the picture and it blew up like crazy, within 2 weeks after that moment my now mother agent (MUTHA) found me also on Instagram and then introduced me to my now agency Supa Models.

Was it always a career ambition? 

No, I never thought of it as an ambition of mine. I saw it as an opportunity that came to me that would allow me to help me support myself and my family a lot more but not a long term career, but maybe who knows now.

What do you think you’d be doing if not modelling? 

Most likely I would still be doing visual merchandising as I was before.

Dream brand to collaborate with? 

On a level of making clothes together as a collaboration definitely Adidas, but just working together for modelling I have luckily already done that on more than one occasion.

Who’s your model idol?

 I don’t think I have a male model idol and I personally try not to idolise people and stay on my own individual path, but for sure my female model idol is Slick Woods, I think the industry needs more people like her.

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

 Usually, I relax because this job does the opposite with non-stop travelling, other than that I hang with friends, skateboard, read wisdom books you know just normal stuff.

Favourite piece of the AW16 collection? Loved the black fur fleece that I also wore on the shoot.