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Serge meets Mikill

Who are your style icons?

To be honest I genuinely don’t have any. People who see me on a regular basis will notice that I don’t adopt one style and just run with that I, genuinely just wear what I won't wear. I appreciate the style of certain people, but I don’t really look to anyone for a template or anything.

In the industry who inspires you the most and why?

Again, without sounding arrogant I don’t have any. For instance, if you look at my logo there’s the non-seeing eye, and its the polar opposite of the all-seeing eye and it plays on the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati and stuff. Basically what that represents is that I try not to get inspired by other people. They might inspire me to work harder perhaps, or they might inspire me to maybe listen and appreciate a genre of music or something but they will never inspire me enough to adopt whatever they do consciously in what I do. I just tell stories that sound mundane on paper. Can you really be inspired to do that, something so apparently boring?

What’s next for Mikill Pane?

Getting people to keep pronouncing it ‘Michael’ pane. After that, I was meant to tour in October but that has been postponed till February. I’m just going to be really creative till the end of the year, I’m going to go out to the States for a little while and watch my buddy Ed play one of his sold-out shows at Madison Square Gardens. I’m going to release You Guessed It 2 as well, that’s the sequel to the collaborations EP I released last year. Yeah so for the foreseeable future that’s what I am getting up to.

Where was the best gig you have played?

To date, I reckon its probably still rock city in Nottingham where I supported Rizzle Kicks last year. There are certain things you do where you feel like your headline, you don’t feel like a support act, you come out and they are whaling out from the offset. That was definitely my favourite gig. Wait, because Reading was amazing. You know what I’m going to go for Reading Festival 2013, 1 Extra tent, that was brilliant. That was absolutely amazing.

Do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My Blame Miss Barclay Destroyer Jacket that Nike made for me.

How would you describe your style?

Ad hoc, literally whatever man. If I want to wear it, I wear it. That’s how I would describe it. My style is my approach basically if I want to wear it I wear it.

Who has been the greatest influence on your music and why?

One of two people, Miss Barclay or my older sister. Miss Barclay for obvious reasons, she was my English teacher at school. If people who don’t already know that I named my album after her, she was the one who always encouraged me to always write creatively no matter what the certain scenario was or no matter why I was writing. I always used to write with humour at inappropriate times. She was like if that’s your forte then do it. Definitely my sister Queensly, my elder sister. If it wasn’t for I wouldn’t even be listening to hip-hop. I basically used to follow suit whenever she explored a genre of music I used to go straight in with her as we were so close. She is the one who made me love hip-hop.


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