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How were you scouted?

I got boxed off at a rave, woke up in the morning with my mother agent, Leah’s card in my pocket aha. I was 15/16

Favourite shoot you’ve done?

Adidas campaign a few years ago, cos it was all cool locations & team!  I love classic Merc’s & we had one on set. In fact, the whole set was sick, they got a fire engine to make ‘rain’ and had to look cool af in the Merc

Do you have any hidden talents?

The grip of my big toe & second toe’s pinch strength can make it to the Guinness book of records

Who is your favourite designer?

Tbh I’m really feeling modern fashion, it’s breaking boundaries in the sense that high street brands are collabing with high fashion. Virgil Abloh is LV’s creative, that’s huge man. Collabs with Kanye & Adidas etc

Favourite Emoji?

The eyes  👀 

Describe yourself in 3 words

Passionate (Scorpio), Effective, Empathetic

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone in an interview before…

I’ve got a non-exaggerated phobia of the texture of kiwi skin & mushrooms

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