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Serge meets Mary Ballantyne

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Fun, empathetic, ‘down to earth’

Now how about your style in 3 words:

Eclectic, bohemian, mix

So you’re a woman of many talents, not only a model, you’re a singer, a poet, a writer, an artist and an illustrator; how do you find time to yourself? 

That's very kind, with the sense of having time for myself, I like to meditate, do yoga & relax, Burn some incense and organic candles. I lived near Glastonbury growing up, it is quite chilled there, so this state of mind is quite easy to tune into. It is very important to have time to rest, as we live in a very hectic world, but you can find peace anywhere.

Who are your artistic influences?

People who inspire me in the art world, are new and old. For my work, I tend to visualize my painting or work before I create it. I love the Pre-Raphaelites, John William Waterhouse. Greek mythology & Arthurian legend, I find fascinating, but really I get inspired by anything, perhaps someone I have met.

Being a Poet is pretty impressive, how did you get into it?

I love writing, Its something that is quite personal to me, but it’s a way of expressing myself too. I like the emphasis that language can create for feelings as well as building a picture. Especially so in poetry, doesn’t take too long to read and communicates a lot.

How old were you when you started singing; what has been your music influence?

I started singing when I was a toddler, I did a lot of musical performances when I was growing up & I was in the choir for many years singing soprano (The really high notes haha). I went to a very musical school so I was really lucky to visit many beautiful cathedrals and venues. I once remember singing for the elderly in a care home- Music is a universal language and it can create happiness & make us reminisce memories from any moment in time. Music influences: range from rock, pop, classical, opera, electronic, really the list is endless..

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

In clothes style. Not really, I mean I wear the things that I feel right in. I buy the things that I like, sometimes different, I would say I do have a peculiar taste. I mean to say, if my friend invited me to a lovely black-tie dinner, I wouldn’t turn up in a bin bag. For modelling, you do have to adjust your style, especially for some clients, but then some are open to your personality.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time? 

I hope to be doing more of the things I love & am passionate about. I’ll be working on more exciting projects. So, Just like a radio station, I would say Stay tuned on the Mary Ballantyne station… :)

Who are your style icons?

A man: Marc Bolan, A woman: Bridgitte Bardot. I get inspired by new and old style icons. Once I saw lovely folk on a cruise ship and asked her where she got her beret from.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

Choose one? you must be kidding me, I love the t-shirts but one… its got to be the gold padlock necklace it's really unique. Its sort of like a printed coin, it reminded me of those ancient wax seals…

What is your favourite spot in London?

The parks, the river, favourite spot: Under a dappled tree anywhere. Thanks for having me :)


Instagram: @mary_ballantyne

Twitter: @Mary_Ballantyne

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