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Serge Meets Lee & Clint

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Describe yourselves as a duo in three words? 

The Banter Twinz

Who is the cooler twin?

Both as cool as each other!

Where is your favourite place in London? 

No specific places in London, where ever it's lit we are at ;)

What is your ideal Sunday? 

Relaxing family day.

Favourite pieces from the Serge collection?

We liked all the necklace pieces the most as we love necklaces!

Favourite memory together? 

Walking down the Isle of Shelly as kids just adventuring. 

The silliest question someone has asked about you being twins? 

We are born on different days so ALOT of people then ask 'So does that means you're not twins?'

How did you get into modelling? 

A very good friend of ours got in touch with an agency and encouraged us to try and push different opportunities in life.

What does jewellery mean to you?

It shows personality and style.

Most bizarre experience together?

Going Utah for a mattress company, it was our first time flying and it was a 12 hour flight. We brought shorts and t-shirts thinking America is always hot... We got to the airport and it like a RAINSTORM!

Watch the IGTV video here.

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