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Serge Meets Kiara

Describe yourself in three words…
Inquisitive, Diligent, and Expressive  

What was your favourite piece of jewellery from the shoot? 
I would have to say the checkered ring and the overflow ring came in joint first!

What is your favourite shoot that you've done? 
Ahh it's difficult to pick! In terms of modelling, the D&G Editorial I did for Pause Online remains unbeaten- it was such a fun day! But last summer I was in a short film called Bluebird by Ella Ezeike, and that was definitely my most memorable. Ella reached out to me last minute, literally 1 or 2 days before we started shooting, and the DOP, Karol, is my friend from the jazz scene and his work is sick so when I saw he was involved I instantly said yes. It was the spontaneity of it all for me! We shot half of it in London and half by the beach, all on film and it looks incredible. The acting was completely out of my comfort zone, but Ella really challenged me to come out of my shell!  Working with the other girls was amazing too, we all really connected with each other, the narrative, and the location! I remember Tameisha and I were in tears at the beauty of the cliffs meeting the sea. Hahaha, it's something about being by the water that always gets the emotions stirring. Such a wholesome experience and we all came together just to make art and bring Ella's vision to life- we didn't realise it would win awards or get picked by Regie Yates to preview in London cinemas at the premiere of 'Pirates' last autumn! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years' time, I will be well-travelled, healthy, and grateful for life. My name will be established as an emerging multidisciplinary artist and designer. I'll see where my art takes me by then, but I envision creating immersive, otherworldly environments and experiences, whether that's with galleries, brands, musicians, or public spaces. I also really want to get into the collectable design scene, which is basically for functional art objects and sculptural furniture, so I'd hope to have a foot in that industry by then. I don't want to limit myself by defining too much though; I've learnt that sometimes life takes you on its own journey to your final destination- 5 years ago, for example, I never would have thought I'd be a model!

One piece of clothing you can’t live without? 
Oh gosh, this is like asking a mother to name her favourite child. Probably, my long brown vintage coat- it just adds a bit of luxury and drama to any outfit, even a pair of tracksuits. I always feel so regal in that one!

When do you feel most inspired?
Most of my inspiration comes to me when I'm in a deep state of focus or peace if that makes sense; like when I'm in nature, daydreaming, meditating, listening to music or making it. If I'm stuck when I'm designing, it will be that moment that I stop stressing that my mind will relax and piece together all the missing parts. I'm also a slightly obsessive researcher, so I can spend months (or even years) reading up on topics that spark my curiosity, whether that's about the healing power of sound or illegal government projects. 

Favourite song currently?
More Than A Friend by Midi KwaKwa

One place you want to visit this year? 
I haven't managed to travel these past couple of years, so I'm looking forward to visiting my family in the Caribbean this summer. I can't wait to spend time with nature in Dominica (not the republic), and I'm keen to finally connect with the art scene over there too. 

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