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Serge meets Josh Parkinson

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Likes To Party ; )

You are not only a model but an MC and DJ, which consumes most of your time?

At the moment its been the music side of things. I was MC’ing for a lot of other people for a bit which I love but want to crack on with my DJ sets more so (and MC for myself ha). Really trying to concentrate on my production right now too. Just recently put out a new EP actually for free download on my SoundCloud.

Do you have a different style depending on which part of your life you are working on?

Haha, Yea I guess so. I mean when I have to meet clients on the modelling side I try to look a little smarter than when I’m playing at a rave….But to be fair the only difference is is if I’m going to wear a hat or not.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?

S**t I'm going to be in my 30’s! Well, I just hope to be doing something I love still with good people around me.

What’s next for JDP?

Just to keep cracking on and perfecting my sound. I’m still pretty fresh to the Production side of things but I'm making songs now that I really enjoy listening to and hopefully everyone else will too.

Who are your style icons:

I don’t really have an icon to be fair, I just like certain things people pull off. Some people might look sick in one thing, then do it wrong in another. I like people to at least be a little daring every now and then though.

What is your favourite Serge DeNimes item?

I’m loving the Skulls Sweater. Getting a lot of compliments when I've been wearing it about. I want it in a full tracksuit!!…. Serge hook a brudda up with something exclusive ; )

Favourite designer?

I love Versace (The 90’s stuff) and Moschino. I've had the pleasure of doing their show a few times in Milan and love everything about it.

Strangest thing you have worn:

Probably the Nun outfit from my music video “Supernova”. The looks i was getting walking around London in that. I'm currently trying to work out a new look for the next video to top it ha.

Favourite spot in London:

You’ll probably find me down at “Ping” in Earls Court. I DJ down there quite a bit and its always a quality vibe. Banging food too!

Twitter: @JDPSimplex

Images by: @iamjohncronin


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