Serge Meets Josh at Home

Serge Meets Josh at Home

We first met Josh in spring/summer 2018 for his Serge Meets. Read on to see what he is up to in lockdown or follow him on Instagram @dennyskrrskrrRead Josh's first Serge Meets with us here.

First thing I do when I get up... is a little work out

 For breakfast I usually... just have boring old toast

At lunch time I love... a BLT sandwich 🤤

I'm watching on Netflix... I’ve just finished watching an anime called Parasite and The Last Dance doc on Netflix, would highly recommend

I’m trying to achieve... a career in graphic design

The tune getting me through isolation is... Dr Birds by Griselda

Most used apps... have got to be instagram, Spotify and tinder because I’m bored aha

I like to end my day with... a good skate sesh

My one tip to get through self-isolation is... to stay active and workout as much as possible

Before I go to sleep I... bust some p4 with the lads