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Serge Meets Johannes

Three words that describe you?

Ambitious, Passionate and Tall. Only joking the last one would be thoughtful.

How long have you been modelling for and what's your favourite thing about the job?

I've been modelling since about late 2018, early 2019? So coming up on about 4 years now which is crazy to think. My favourite thing about modelling is definitely trying on wavey clothes or jewellery and feeling like an absolute baller for the day. Its always a nice confidence boost to wear nice things and have meet cool people in the industry - there are always so many interesting people on set. 

What do you do outside of work?

So I just graduated from Kings College London with a degree in Religion, Politics and Society. Right now I'm enjoying a nice summer break after a long exam period. I've just been eating loads, playing loads of basketball and going to the gym. I'm trying to get HENCH! Nah Apart from that though I love music and I have a show called The Shy Raver Show where I make playlists and interview artists and stuff... I just like doing anything that makes me feel like I'm working towards something, whether that's physically or professionally. 

Do you have anything exciting coming up?

A couple of months ago I got hired to do my first paid presenting work, I was going around Hyde Park interviewing loads of stoners on 4/20, it was really jokes. We pulled up in a white Rolls Royce with graffiti decals all over it, it was sick. I don't even smoke but as soon as we got into the park my mouth went instantly dry, it was crazy. I did it for a brand called Bad Handwriting, it should be coming out on their YouTube channel really soon actually. 

What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore on shoot day?

That's so hard to choose man haha. I love silver so the Deuce T-Bar Necklace stood out to me, as well as the sovereign rings. The one with the Queen with her face in her hand is so hard. But the Silver Cygnet Ring with the red stone in the middle might just take it for me you know. That one is a special one. But also the layered gold necklaces were sick as well, they were gonna convert me into a gold wearer. It's hard man. I'll just stop here cus I'm gonna end up saying half of the entire collection, its all so good.

You said you play American football. How did you get into that?

So I started watching American football because I visited a cousin over in Philly, and he bribed me to support the Eagles by buying me one of their jerseys. Once I started university and found out I could play there, it was over, I caught the bug. The adrenaline you get from playing is just insane, its so so fun. 

One place in London you would recommend?

I recently went to a place in Camden/Kentish Town called Bintang.  Pan-Asian food. On my life its one of the nicest restaurants I've ever been to. Better than The Ivy Asia as a reference point. Plus cheaper. And its Bring Your Own Bottle.

You visited Berlin not too long after our shoot. What was your favourite thing about the city?

Berlin's nice man, it's very cosmopolitan. The architecture is amazing, you can really see how the city being divided down the middle for all those years manifests itself in the architectural and artistic expression around different parts of the city. 

Something that people wouldn't know about you?

When I exercise I only sweat on the left side of my face. I'm not kidding. Like a straight line from the middle of my forehead down through my nose. Its 50/50 as in the left side will be soaked and my right side completely dry. Its really weird I know but its the first thing I could think of. Not the coolest fact, but honest at least. 

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Happy. House and a garden. Professionally? Hopefully doing something that allows me to influence the outcome, you know? Rather than a cog, I want to make a difference in whatever industry I go into. Ideally something creative, or in the media. Doing different things and meeting different people. I spent 3 years in uni to get a degree for a job and now I don't even know what job I want. It will all be alright in the end though, I'm a big believer in that. I always try and stay positive and eventually good opportunities tend to just pop up. 

Name one song you have on repeat? 

Terrorist - Freddie Gibbs. 

When do you feel most inspired? 

When I've just worked hard on something. When I push myself hard, creatively or physically, and at the end I feel burnt out and exhausted, I feel amazing. Like I know there's more in the tank, and knowing that I can push myself to such extents just reminds me what I'm capable of. Honestly I can only relax for like a day at a time, or I get anxious. That dopamine boost after hard work just hits different!

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