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Serge Meets Joey

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Cool, Calm, Creative (the three c’s ha)

How did you get into blogging and what has been the highlight of being a blogger?

Well, I had so many cool ideas but wasn’t sure how to share it with everyone, so my girlfriend suggested starting a blog, which I then responded, “What the hell is a blog”… Yup… the rest is history ha

Favourite surf spot?

How did you know I surfed? That is the question. I’m kidding, Arugam Bay, Sri-Lanka, probably my favourite spot even if there wasn’t surf there!

Favourite item of clothing you possess?

My Suede Chelsea boots!

Favourite fashion designer?

Whoever designs the Reiss Collections haha!

Have you got any exciting projects coming up?

I try to make every project exciting, so in that case loads!

Favourite holiday destination?

Hard one, I do love Barcelona!

Favourite restaurant in London?

Dominos. (Laughing Emoji)

When you’re not busy blogging what do you do to relax?

Love going to the gym, started getting into boxing recently, it’s very fun!

What advice would you give any hopeful fashion bloggers?

Stay consistent & stay creative. You want to be hitting your readers with quality whenever you get the chance to!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully doing what I am doing now but on a bigger scale, working with loads of new people. Maybe get a French bulldog within those 5 years too ha.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?

Loving the parka! A Winner for me!

I couldn’t live without…

Fruit! Love me some vitamins.

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