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What is your favourite country to go on holiday?

This year its been Paris ( I got flown out for Diesel to Venice though and I LOVED it. I backpacked alone for a day after the shoot and fell in love with the energy, even the smell of the dirty grand canals I loved!) I’ve been Paris 9 times this year. I think I really found my self in Paris. I love walking along the most scenic and beautiful Parisian streets, I love the city and I love the food, also my closest earth angel lives in Paris so I travel out around every 3 weeks

Dream brand to collaborate with?

Vivienne Westwood 100! this would be my perfect collaboration!

She stands for global change and using creativity and fashion as her platform! I’ve modelled for her in some quiet private situations and seen clothes not even released and some of her concepts and seeking spirit to create change and place energy on things often avoided is so admirable to me. I’ve also met the head men’s designer and been locked in a room with him for 5 hours one time, I keep telling him when I make it and the world tour is REAL I need an indigoochild X Westwood save the forest collab! army tingsssss

Who is your favourite designer?

There is an upcoming brand called “ordinary” the designer is called Sharna Cane  (Instagram @ordinaryglobal) she designs simplistic items and I love the message behind the title of the brand! “only ordinary people are going to change the world, we have the power of God and the universe within, ordinary people are the pioneers of the future, whether you wear Gucci or ordinary we are all equal so never be gassed by the clothes you own, this is weak” 

Of COURSE, I love Proudlock as a designer! he literally has the dopest relevant and fly designs that I always want him to send me whenever his new collection drops!

Last I love Julien MacDonald, reason being is he picked me for his women’s catwalk 0’17 this season and I got to know him personally and he is amazing! full of life! Without a doubt an amazing designer, you only have to look at his clothes to know he is the real deal! And he kept encouraging me to enjoy being around the supermodels I was walking with and to get as drunk as I wanted! love him

Tell us something you’ve not told in an interview before…

I talk to angels, and when I listen closely and stay alert, they guide me to my dream in the most mystical way including intuition and numerology

Favourite band/singer?

I love a French rapper called ‘Kalash’ (specific song Mwaka moon, the video is so wavey)  due to the amount of time I’ve spent in Paris this year, I really like his melodic sounds, his music literally proves to me that it no longer matters what people say (as I can’t understand french when I listen)  people just want to rock to an energy, that real sauce. I hope to achieve this with my music and plant seeds of empowering messages! not “n*¥!as and bitches and weed and trapping ONLY, it’s time for a change, positive energy. I love Ab-soul a lot , also ‘Dave’ the rapper, he is local to my area, so young, and rapping and Inspiring our generation to a higher level of information, no TRAP. we are free. The last song I love is D’Rok the menace – Melanin Queen

Do you have any hidden talents?

My passion for the achievement of Kosen Rufu ( which is a Japanese phrase which translates to widely declare the Teachings of the Buddha and his philosophy) it basically means I’m trying to carve my self into a true leader for the future by using certain techniques left behind by the Buddha

Favourite emoji?


Favourite piece of the Serge DeNimes collection?

I loved the simple all black new Tracksuit, when I tried it on I felt powerful in it! smooth and clean! My other favourite item to date is the gold-plated Om symbol chain! Proudlock sent me one as a gift in the post! I’m actually a qualified OM chanting teacher and hold my own chanting circles so this really meant a lot to me

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