Serge meets Eyal Booker

– How did you get into Modelling? 

I was lucky enough to get picked up as a kid and started modelling from around 11 years old for commercial brands like Littlewoods, Tesco, Asda and some other kids fashion brands. Life then started to get somewhat serious with school and I stopped modelling from 15 – 19 years old. At 19 I got picked up by a boutique London agency and started to work part-time as a model. 10 months ago I got scouted to join Nevs and since then I’ve been working full time as a model and I love every moment.

 – If you weren’t Modelling, what do you think you will be doing now?

  I’d like to think I’d be studying to be a Life Coach / Mentor to younger kids and early teens that are having difficulty finding their way in life. No matter what I do my main intention is to inspire all around me to become the best versions of themselves.

 – Do you have any special skills? 

 I do a great chimpanzee impression that only a select few people have had the pleasure of hearing/seeing haha! 

 – What do you get up to when you are not modelling? 

 I like to read motivational books like ‘The Saint The Surfer’ and ‘The CEO’. I also lead a really healthy active lifestyle so I train pretty much everyday and find myself getting lost in nature. My friends call me ‘Nature Boy!’ 

 – 2017 is a new year, what exciting projects have you got in the pipeline? / What is your plan for 2017? 

 I’m currently in Cape Town working for 2 months which is super exciting in itself, its my first solo adventure as a model. I’ve been here a week and have been booked for 2 jobs so things are looking hopeful here. The modelling industry is so hectic you never really know what you’re doing or where your going to be in advance, so all I can really say is watch this space as 2017 is looking very exciting already with some really amazing projects coming my way! 

 – Tell us something you’ve never told anyone in an interview! – 

 Life seems pretty simple. Whatever you put in you get back, do something you enjoy and the rest will follow. 

 Thanks for interviewing me!