Serge Meets Diego Barrueco

When you first started posting on tumblr did you have any idea what might come from it?
I didnt have a clue. I just liked tumblr at that moment and was doing my own thing, not trying to promote myself or anything like that whatsoever.

What do you think it is about social media that is so powerful?
I think its cause it is in real time most of the time. We are lucky these days cause we can know exactly whats happening in the world straight away or we can also find out what celebrities are doing in some specific moment. Also some people want to fight about getting more followers than others just to brag about haha.

What does a normal weekend look like for you?
Pretty chilled. I dont go out much as Im very busy during the week so i just want to relax really. But i always like to hang out with friends or going to music shows if theres any that weekend.Have you got any exciting projects coming up?
Yes, I have a couple of projects im currently working on right now, some of them are related to social media and some others aren’t.

Do you think you will ever move back to Spain?
Yeah maybe in the future if the situation out there gets better, but for now i’m very comfortable in london and theres a lot to do out here!

Favourite spot in London?
I’d say my house as its where I feel most comfortable, but also theres a lot of good restaurants that I love, especially in East London!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Literally have no clue. I dont feel like I belong in any city so I’m open to always change cities, wherever business take me really! I hope Im settled down in 5 years tho, and have a family not much later than that.

Favourite piece from the Serge DeNimes AW15 collection?
I really liked the shard hoodie and the jewelry!