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You’re quite a famous Vlogger! How did you get into it? 

I’ve been making videos for fun since I was 10 or 11. Never thought much of it, me and my friends just thought it was cool to film ourselves skateboarding, snowboarding, doing flips etc. When I was a sophomore in highschool I started taking it more seriously and considering pursuing it as a career path. When I graduated I knew I didn’t want to go to university because I just never did well in the school system. Ive always been a hands on learner and I can’t sit still for much more than ten minutes at a time so I knew I had to make the video thing work. I just started doing freelance video work and was also working at my fathers restaurant. I was always reaching out to people on social media looking for opportunity and after about a year of graduating highschool I had an opportunity to move to Los Angeles and start making Youtube videos with other creators. One thing led to another, I made some good connections and I’ve been traveling and making videos since then!

What made you want to get into Vlogging?

I’ve always liked making videos and when I started traveling a lot it seemed like the best way to share what I was up to with my audience.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

Creative, Outgoing, Open-Minded (I guess that was 4 words)

Dream brand to work with?

Not sure what brand but it would be insane to collaborate with Travis Scott on a video project. I’m a big fan of his music but his live shows are what are super inspiring to me. His energy on stage and the effort he puts into every show is unreal.

Any party tricks?

A backflip is always my go to! If we’ve had a few drinks I stay away from the flips though and go to the old opening a wine bottle with a shoe👌

Favourite emoji?

I use a lot of different ones for sure. I’m terrible at Instagram captions so I usually just put an emoji as the caption and it’s just whatever I’m feeling that day, you know? But if I had to only use one for the rest of my life I’d have to go with the black heart. All love on this side! But the red one feels a little too emotional, the black one is a good balance of showing love without anyone feeling weird haha.🖤

Life motto?

I couldn’t pick one motto that I live by, there’s a lot of little mottos that I try to remind my self of every morning. But most of them fall under the concept of being grateful to be alive, to be yourself unapologetically, be good to others and spread good energy, and try and leave some kind of impact on the world so your existence means something after you’re gone. “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity” – Horace Mann. I don’t even know who that guy is but I think that’s a pretty good way of thinking. No matter what religion or beliefs you have, all we know is this life and we know that it ends. So I believe that if you haven’t left something for the world/humanity after you’ve passed in any form or size then you’ve done an injustice. You don’t have to be the next Martin Luther King or Mozart, but aim to leave some kind of mark. Yo, that got deep.

Tell us something you’ve not told in an interview before… 

I low-key like chick flicks.

Favourite piece of the Serge Collection?

Yoooo, thats hard! Probably the silver dragon bracelet! But the silver skeleton hands ring, silver eagle ring and the silver carpe diem ring from the new sterling collection are crazyyy also! Silver jewellery is my thing.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

For sure! Me and my best friend Rob are in the beginning stages of creating a street wear fashion brand. I guess i’m “known” for making videos and taking cool photos but I don’t look at my self as a videographer. I’m a creative, which has no limits. I want to create art in every form. Clothing, Video, Music, Photo, Etc. So were super excited to get the clothing started and see where it goes!


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