Serge Meets Aaron

Serge Meets Aaron

When we shot together you were living in London - Where are you calling home right now?

I'm back in LA now but I was staying in west Kensington. It was cool to experience a new part of London, but I much prefer east side. 

What was your favourite time of day in London?

Sunset hour at Hamstead Heath 

Go-to restaurant? 

It was All Nations - a little vegan Jamaican/Caribbean home-style restaurant in Dalston, but they've unfortunately closed and I am very sad about it. It was run by a Momma and her son and it was easily some of the best food I've ever had. 

You've spent some time in LA. What makes it so special? 

The sunshine. Good for the brain. 

On shoot day it was clear music is a passion of yours. How did you get in playing / creating your own music? 

I was fortunate to grow up with a dad and older brothers who had 'good tastes' in music. I know that's subjective, but they liked the objectively great classics. When I was 10 he game me his entire record collection - Neil Young, Zeppelin, Beatles, Dylan, Marley, Radiohead etc....I've been obsessed ever since, but I didn't take music seriously until I was 19.  

Who was the last person you received a text from? 

My friend Aidan said, ''I could've gone but I also didn't want to be a hollow from dark souls today.'' - In regards to not coming to a concert with me. 

Describe yourself in three words? 

Umm, hmmmm, whoa 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Like pretty in pink, but comfortable in black. 

What was your first piece of jewellery? Does it hold any meaning? 

My late grandmother gave my mom a beautiful black onyx pinky ring when I was young and when I wanted to start wearing rings in high school, I went through her jewellery box, picked it out, and asked if I could have it. I've worn it everyday since. 

What was your favourite piece from the shoot? 

The simple black and silver ring. 

How long have you been modelling for and what's your favourite thing about the career? 

I got my first paid job with Nike skateboarding when I was 16, so 10 years, which is mad. My favourite thing about this career is I've gotten to travel and see some cool places. Although I don't necessarily identify with being a 'model' - I'm extremely grateful for the job and most importantly, it helped me afford music gear! 

 Tell us about any exciting projects you have coming up! 

I'm shooting in a beautiful Frank Loyd Wright house in Malibu tomorrow. 

What is something you've never told anyone before in an interview...

We are all dreaming...


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