Silver Two Tone Compass Necklace

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    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • Hallmarked by the UK Assay Office
    • Mixed metal design
    • Compass pendant
    • The Pendant measure 2.5cm in height, 2cm in width
    • The product weighs 14g


The Silver Two Tone Compass Necklace is the perfect travelling companion from the Icon Collection. It is perfect for your friend who is only home 2 times a year or if you are looking to travel yourself. (Where do we think you are travelling to? Well, Australia, Duh!). This necklace is a perfect standalone item as it mixes both Silver & Gold for the undecided bunch or the first time necklace buyer! The necklace is perfect to be layered as it comes with an adjustable chain that can increase the drop from 60cm to 69cm in 3-centimetre increments. We recommend pairing it up with the Silver T-Bar Necklace.

The Compass is a Nautical Icon that was developed as the earliest form of navigation after drawn maps that helped sailors navigate the seven seas. It represents those who are seeking guidance. When the Compass Icon is coupled with other Icons, the meaning of the Icon changes. When a Compass & Heart are matched together, it symbolises a willingness to let your heart guide your actions in life. When it is matched with a Star, is it a direct depiction of the North Star, which sailors would use to orient themselves at sea. It represents those who are seeking guidance.

The Necklace is manufactured of the highest quality Sterling Silver that is Hallmarked by the Assay Office with our own unique Hallmark. This can be identified globally by any trusted jewellers and the registration mark can be traced online. The outer layering is also 14KT Gold Plating across the pendant and chain.

The Pendant design is an adaptation of 3 major navigation Icons. The North Star, A Windrose & The Sun. The centre of the design on the face of the pendant is a 3D Windrose which has been designed to represent the North Star in a Windrose design. This is placed upon a Sun that has been carved out of the background of the pendant. The outer rim of the pendant features an intricate rope pattern that symbolises the ropes that secured the sails on the ships many years ago. 

This product weights on average 14g. The Pendant measure 2.5cm in height, 2cm in width and 2mm in thickness on the base increasing to 5mm including the raised Cross. Gold Plated Jewellery should be built to last for up to 3 years, but various factors and lifestyle choices can speed up or slow down the plating quality and integrity. For a full guide on how to maintain the quality of your Silver and Gold Jewellery, you can see read the care guide.