Silver Supernova Ring

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    • 925 Sterling Siler
    • Hallmarked by the UK Assay office
    • The necklace has a 29.5cm drop
    • Product weighs 9g
    • The Ring measures are 1cm in height and 1cm in width
    • Vintage look

Silver Supernova Ring is a sterling silver band that features 3 constellations as a repeat pattern. This is a great ring for you to start your jewellery journey on or layer with stones.

The 3 constellations that are in this ring are the Lyra, Leo & Pegasus. 

In Greek Mythology, Lyra represents the lyre of Orpheus. Made by Hermes from a tortoiseshell, given to Apollo as a bargain, it was said to be the first lyre ever produced. Orpheus's music was said to be so great that even inanimate objects such as trees, streams, and rocks could be charmed. In modern astrology, the Lyra constellation features Vega, the fifth brightest star in our solar system and the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere. Buy this ring and shine bright as RI-RI sang it many years ago

In Greek mythology, Leo was identified as the Nemean Lion which was killed by Heracles (Hercules to the Romans) during the first of his twelve labours. The Nemean Lion would take women as hostages to its lair in a cave, luring warriors from nearby towns to save the damsel in distress, to their misfortune.

The mythology of the constellation Pegasus. The white, winged horse Pegasus was the offspring of Poseidon and the Gorgon, Medusa, springing from the latter's neck when she was killed by Perseus. He immediately flew to Mount Helicon and struck the ground with his hoof.

The Ring itself is manufactured of the highest quality Sterling Silver that is Hallmarked by the Assay Office with our own unique Hallmark. This can be identified globally by any trusted jewellers and the registration mark can be traced online. The Ring is a sterling silver band that features raised edges and a medium oxidisation on the body, with the 3 constellations repeated once. The constellations are surrounded by a polished silver circle, clearly identifying their mark.

This product weights on average 9g. The Ring measures are 1cm in height and 1cm in width with a 0.2cm depth. Gold Plated Jewellery should be built to last for up to 3 years, but various factors and lifestyle choices can speed up or slow down the plating quality and integrity. For a full guide on how to maintain the quality of your Silver and Gold Jewellery, you can see read the care guide.

Ring Size (UK) N P S U W
Finger Size (mm) 17 18 19 20 21
Ring Size (US) 7 8 9.5 10.5 11.5
Ring Size (EU) 54.5 57 60 63.5 66

We would recommend using a lightly damp cloth to clean all Serge DeNimes jewellery. The following we do not recommend as it may affect the quality of the product, design or plating.

  • Submerging product in boiling water
  • Using washing up liquid, fairy liquid or any other cleaning product that is not specifically for Silver or Gold Plated Jewellery
  • Leaving the product in water for a prolonged period of time
  • Showering/bathing in the product.
  • Working out, in the gym, out of the gym, no seshes whatsoever while wearing jewellery.
  • No Martial Arts, that's BJJ, Kung Fu, Krav, UFC, Wrestling, you name it. Don't do it. 
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Swimming in any water. This includes the sea, swimming pools - We know how fun pool parties are but please take off your jewellery before you are about to 360 backflips for the gram.
  • Do not get alcohol on them, we know it's hard to not get your hands wet when popping bottles in Ibiza.

Sweat (over time) will tarnish the plating of Silver and Gold Jewellery naturally so we recommend to take off your rings where you can on hot days and avoid wearing them every single day, much like a suit or a pair of shoes, give them time to breathe away from skin contact.


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