Silver Scale Necklace

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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Hallmarked by the UK Assay Office
  • Perfect layering piece
  • Chunky Silver Jewellery
  • Adjustable between 53cm and 56cm
  • Width of chain: 5mm
  • Lobster clasp 
  • This product weighs approx 32g


Thicker chains are something which we have been talking about for a while and are incredibly excited about the release of the Silver Scale Necklace. This 925 Sterling Silver Necklace which is perfect for wearing either individually or for exploring the world of layering! We would recommend layering this piece alongside the Silver Rosetta Necklace for a standout duo which will definitely catch the attention of those around you. 

If matching sets are your thing then you should definitely check out the Silver Scale Bracelet for an awesome duo which offers a clean a minimalist look. An outfit can be cool but it's the finer details which make it that little bit better with the Scale set doing exactly that.

Chain length - starts at 53cm, with an adjuster that can go up to 56cm


Our neck chains vary in length. Please read the product description for this products size information.


What is Sterling Silver?

Serge DeNimes jewellery is made from Sterling Silver, which is made up of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals. Pure Silver is impractical as it is too soft to shape and wear, making Sterling Silver the highest quality Silver used in jewellery. 

Care for Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes over time as the 7.5% other metals, such as Copper, react to the air. Perfumes, hair spray, hand gel, perspiration etc, accelerate tarnishing so here are some tips to keep your products in great condition;

  • Polish with a Silver Cloth (only applicable for dark Silver/oxidised pieces)
  • Store in its Serge DeNimes pouch
  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, hair spray and deodorant
  • Remove jewellery before showering, swimming, exercising

Care for Plated Jewellery

Plated jewellery will eventually fade or lose colour due to natural wear. How long the plating lasts depends on factors such as how often the product is worn and how it is cared for.

  • Clean with specialist cleaner
  • Store in its Serge DeNimes pouch, separate from other items
  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as household cleaners, perfume, moisturisers etc
  • Avoid getting product wet and dry thoroughly if it comes into contact with water

Care for Adjustable Jewellery

Our adjustable jewellery items are left open so they can be opened or closed to fit. Silver is a very soft metal so when doing this be very gentle and avoid repeating too often as the material will wear down and may crack/break

How to store your jewellery

  • Silver will tarnish in direct sunlight or air so store in a dark, dry & cool place
  • Fasten chains before storing to avoid tangling - fasten adjustor chains on the last hole
  • Store jewellery separate from other pieces so they don't get scratched in storage
  • Store your jewellery in it‘s Serge DeNimes pouch or box that you received it with


Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults, but not misuse. To keep your jewellery in its best condition, please follow the guidelines provided.