Silver Magpie Necklace - Limited Edition

Regular price £80.00

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Silver mallion clip
  • Pendant can be removed and flipped
  • Signature peacock crest
  • Magpie to symbolise Newcastle
  • Adjustable chain - 60 - 65cm
  • 100 Available

We've teamed up with nclgallery to bring you the limited edition Silver Magpie Necklace.

Jack Henderson, founder of nclgallery describes himself as indecisive and has often left decisions down to the flip of a coin and therefore wanted that to be a feature in his jewellery debut. But this coin needed to be different, personal. We needed to design something that embodied Serge DeNimes & nclgallery in equal parts.

One of our most iconic symbols is the Peacock crest, it's something that has been used on our products since the brand began in 2011 but not many people are aware of its relevance. It is the family crest of our founder, Oliver Proudlock. Proud Peacock, padlock in its beak - Proudlock.

With Jack being from Newcastle, he wanted to bring his hometown roots into the piece for his side of the coin. NCL is an abbreviation of Newcastle and the bird most associated with Newcastle is the Magpie, so naturally we used the 2 birds to bring the 2 brands together.

As a result, on the Serge side of the coin is our signature Peacock crest & on the nclgallery side is the Magpie, with a small tag in its beak that says 'n' for nclgallery.