Silver Scale Necklace

Regular price £120.00

  • 925 Sterling Siler
  • Hallmarked by the UK Assay office
  • Perfect layering piece
  • Chunky Silver Jewellery
  • Adjustable between 53cm and 56cm
  • Lobster clasp 


Thicker chains are something which we have been talking about for a while and are incredibly excited about the release of the Silver Scale Necklace. This 925 Sterling Silver Necklace which is perfect for wearing either individually or for exploring the world of layering! We would recommend layering this piece alongside the Silver Reprobus Necklace for a standout duo which will definitely catch the attention of those around you. 

If matching sets are your thing then you should definitely check out the Silver Scale Bracelet for an awesome duo which offers a clean a minimalist look. An outfit can be cool but it's the finer details which make it that little bit better with the Scale set doing exactly that.

Chain length - starts at 53cm, with an adjuster that can go up to 56cm


All our necklaces can be adjusted to fit.


We would recommend using a lightly damp cloth to clean all Serge DeNimes jewellery. The following we do not recommend as it may affect the quality of the product, design or plating.

  • Submerging product in boiling water
  • Using washing up liquid, fairy liquid or any other cleaning product that is not specifically for Silver or Gold Plated Jewellery
  • Leaving the product in water for a prolonged period of time
  • Showering/bathing in the product.
  • Working out, in the gym, out of the gym, no seshes whatsoever while wearing jewellery.
  • No Martial Arts, that's BJJ, Kung Fu, Krav, UFC, Wrestling, you name it. Don't do it. 
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Swimming in any water. This includes the sea, swimming pools - We know how fun pool parties are but please take off your jewellery before you are about to 360 backflips for the gram.
  • Do not get alcohol on them, we know it's hard to not get your hands wet when popping bottles in Ibiza.

Sweat (over time) will tarnish the plating of Silver and Gold Jewellery naturally so we recommend to take off your rings where you can on hot days and avoid wearing them every single day, much like a suit or a pair of shoes, give them time to breathe away from skin contact.


Serge DeNimes is a design-led brand, providing exclusive seasonal collections of urban apparel and accessories of premium quality. The founder, Oliver Proudlock has had two passions from a young age, fashion and art. They were the two constants in his upbringing, with his mother, a designer and photographer. Serge DeNimes is the expression of his creativity and ambition that continues to innovate and create trends inside the streetwear fashion world.