Gold Plated Silver Pegasus Hoop Earring

£12.00 £30.00

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 14k Gold Plating
  • Pegasus on the face of the earring pendant
  • Standout gold earring
  • The product weighs 1g.
  • The hoop has a 1cm drop
  • Sold as single

The Gold Pegasus Earring works perfectly as a standalone product that you can wear in 1 ear, or you can buy 2 and pair them up. 

Pegasus is a winged horse from Greek Mythology and became a constellation and servant of Zeus. The spring Hippocrene on Mount Helicon was believed to have been created when the hoof of Pegasus struck a rock. Traditionally Pegasus' soaring flight was seen as a symbol of the soul's immortality.

The Earring itself is manufactured of the highest quality Sterling Silver that is Hallmarked for the verification of quality, 925. The Earring comes with a simple, easy to use functioning clip hoop. This can be opened and closed by yourself.

The Pendant features a Pegasus design that was drawn from constellations. The Pegasus is believed to be a flying horse that sprung from the blood of severed head of gorgon Medusa as she was slain by Perseus.

This product weights on average 1g and is entirely Sterling Silver with a 14K Gold Plating. The product is designed to last for a number of years if looked after properly. For a full guide on how to maintain the quality of your Silver and Gold Jewellery, you can see read the care guide.

The hoop has a 1cm diameter with a 1cm drop.


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