Serge Meets Dylan

Serge Meets Dylan

Describe yourself in three words.

Three words is tough. But Driven, Passionate and Reflective.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Five years is a really long time. In the short term, the aim is to graduate but I haven’t quite figured out my long-term future yet. I would probably want to have moved out and be set up in my career as well as get a pet. I would hopefully have progressed far into my modelling career too

What is your favourite modelling job you have worked on so far?

Probably my most recent one with you guys. Great images, great team & great vibes. Next up would have to be one of the shoots I did with Boohoo. A great team once again. There are honestly a lot of great shoots I’ve done.

Who was the last person you text?

My favourite person, but she’s not very happy with me right now.

Your favourite piece of jewellery from shoot day?

I’m a big fan of silver so it has to be between the silver solar ring and the silver dove ring. I did love the pearl necklace though.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Other than University exams nothing immediately. I did recently sign to an agency in Milan so I hopefully will be out there working soon. I also hope to travel around Europe soon with some friends.

Your go-to restaurant in London?

Spaghetti house in central London is a great place for Italian but I love corn dogs from Bunsik. There are a couple of other places that I’m still yet to try that are high on my list.

You recently celebrated your 21st! What did you do?

Spent the morning with family before spending the rest of the day watching movies in my room. I did get some great presents which was cool. But the best part was getting to send it with the people who really matter to me.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is really hard to describe. I would’ve normally leaned towards casual but now I’d say it’s something more similar to streetwear or maybe relatively smart casual. I do have confidence in my ability to pull off almost any outfit though.

One place you want to visit this year?

Milan is number one on that list and hopefully sooner rather than later. But my dream destination for this year would probably be Chamonix in December. Fingers crossed!

What is your favourite current song?

Probably Pink Matter by Frank Ocean but it changes every week.

What are you currently studying at university?

Economics with Finance.

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